Speedboat Cruising, Port Barton Bay

My SIL EJ at the helm of the speedboat.
We dropped by at Sitio Daraga. That’s my wife’s Uncle B showing us around.
The speedboat we used that day.
Some downtime, catching up with my wife’s Uncle B and Aunt A
My wifey making faces while taking over the speedboat steering wheel.
Walking on… sandbar.
A couple of tourist boats are also at the sandbar area.
The speedboat steering wheel and control panel.
My SIL C approves of the snorkeling experience.

Holiday Suites, Port Barton

We stayed at the Holiday Suites near Port Barton Bay. This boutique hotel exemplifies tropical paradise with its lovely position on the beach and gorgeous waters. Holiday Suites has well-appointed rooms and suites for relaxation and modern convenience. Each property is decorated with native elements to merge modern luxury with Palawan’s natural beauty. Private balconies give stunning bay views, and the lush-fringed pool is perfect for relaxing.

The helpful staff makes sure guests’ requirements are met during their stay. The restaurant serves local and foreign cuisine for a gourmet adventure.

Holiday Suites offers an amazing vacation in Port Barton’s pristine beauty, perfect for couples, families, or solo travelers. You can’t go wrong picking this place for you to stay in San Vicente, Palawan.

A few photos

The main dining area has a view of Port Barton Bay.
More sun loungers by the beach.
The hotel swimming pool is beside the hotel dining area.
Everybody in the pool! Well, except me and nephew C.
A cute little bar by the pool and the ocean.

Island Hopping in Port Barton Bay

Port Barton Bay in Palawan attracts tropical vacationers with its gorgeous turquoise waters, hidden coves, and rich marine life. An island hopping tour of this hidden gem will wow you. Island hopping tours are a beautiful way to learn about the region’s natural beauty and the importance of maintaining it. Today, I took part in this activity!

As the boat leaves Port Barton settlement, limestone cliffs and lush flora meet you. The first destination is frequently German Island, where pristine white sand invites relaxation. Snorkeling in the coral gardens shows the bay’s diverse marine life.

Next, Inaladelan Island, or “Turtle Island,” as our boatmen explains, provides the experience of seing peaceful sea turtles sliding over the water. We weren’t too lucky as we only saw one. Boatmen says the turtles haven’t been seen that much since the last strong typhoon a few months ago that battered the area.

Further on, Exotic Island shows Palawan’s stunning emerald waters and golden sands. The tour ends with a visit to the sandbar of the Starfish Island. This lovely spot for snorkeling, kayaking, or just relaxing in the sun lives up to its name.

A few island hopping photos:

Boatmen stopped at the Twin Reef in Port Barton Bay and gave passengers time to check the wonder. All with instructions not to harm the reefs in any way.
I think the boat is named “Olivia Plissen”.
Another view from just above the Twin Reef.
It’s amazing how clear the waters are.
Our boat beached near the southern edge of Albguan Island to take our lunch break.
Fresh coconut which I bought for the water. Would have been truly refreshing if I could put ice in it but the island doesn’t have it.
While waiting for lunch to be served, this chicken jumped on our table.
Lunch is served for the “island hoppers”. Chicken, squid, crabs, pork, noodles, fish, eggplants, and mangoes. Other fruits not in photo.
Post lunch lull.
Lunch was served earlier at this small hut.
This rocky part is just near the Kayoya and Inadauan Islands, not that far from Albguan.