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Dua Lipa!

Last night was supposed to be a chance Dua Lipa night for me. Her fans were lucky enough to have her concert push through despite typhoon “Mangkhut” up north. But circumstances have ways of knocking out my semi-planned things in total disarray. The disruptions were welcome though. Last Monday, I latched on to a new job which will substantially pay more than the one I unceremoniously dumped. And I wasn’t going to blow this opportunity away by skipping work just to watch a concert considering it’s no less than the CEO handling the team’s orientation for one full week. Apparently, huge things will ride on the collective shoulders of the group I just joined and I couldn’t be more excited than I am now. Catch you later, Dua.

I think my body gave out by the end of Friday, I’m having a really bad cold (was perhaps lucky enough to have availed of a four-strain — if I heard it correctly — flu vaccine a couple of months ago) and now I’m worried I got hit by a variant outside of that four. I now have fever with coughing. I’m going to use my weekend rest to get back in shape so I can resume work by Monday. I don’t want to be calling in sick on the start of my second week.

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Let's see what happens!

That’s life, really. When you want to sleep, you can’t get a good one. And when you lack sleep but have to be busy at the office, it’s so easy to doze off on your desk if you’re not alert enough. I should stop worrying about stuff, especially when I’m about to hit the sack.

Dolora's Hauz of Pancit Malabon - P170 bilao. Coin purposely shown for scaling purposes

Lazy Sunday indeed. I even had to order food online (I was too lazy to cook) just because I don’t have any reason to go out of the house today. The Wifey already left early morning for a gig of her own and I was supposed to have mine as well but didn’t push through unfortunately. Treated myself to some Pancit Malabon from a nearby panciteria after realizing I wasn’t going anywhere tonight. I ordered the smallest bilao, which at ₱170, is good for 2 to 3 people. (On paper but in reality, I could wolf this all down by myself if I’m not eating anything else along with it. Just being real.) If I’m lucky, I can still set a portion of this aside as my packed lunch for tomorrow at the office. Well, more like a packed side dish.


Visited KapeTayo along Katipunan Ave. for the first time today. Went for the Barako blend and I asked the barista if it’s possible that she serve my joe in a mug (as I’m not really fond of drinking hot beverages from paper cups) and she replied in the affirmative. When I got my order, I was quite surprised to see my drink served in a glass mug. (I’m so used to coffee shops using ceramic ones this came unexpected, at least to me.) Anyway, I didn’t bother to ask if that’s the store rule or they just ran out of the ceramic kind. Regardless, the coffee was really fine. (That’s their “medium” size. They call it “sakto”, meaning “just right” colloquially.)

Dribble, dribble, dribble!

Why do we have to make things difficult? Isn’t it plain to see that applying fundamentals is the only way to go? On one side, you see a bunch of cocky dribblers attempt to crossover their opponents to death every trip down the floor yet couldn’t buy a basket most of the time because the ball sticks to a single player for most of the shot clock. On the other, you see a focused group rotating the ball fluidly, setting screens, picks, rolls, finding the easiest opportunity to score, a layup, a dunk, or an open jumper. Seriously, basketball is an easy sport to win if players stick to fundamentals instead of all those ball-hogging, grandstanding nonsense that a lot of us enjoy doing and glorifying. And please, practice those long-range shooting. Please! Don’t forget the objective here — putting the ball in the hoop. You don’t get extra points for being fancy.