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To dumb down or not to dumb down?

I heard she didn’t quit. Stayed put and just did what was told. (It’s not her call anyway.)

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Medium ribeye steak from Meat Depot

It’s Saturday. And it’s also “cheat” Steak-turday! A photo of my scrumptious dinner: Ribeye steak from Meat Depot @ The Corner Market Food Hall. You pick your cuts of meat from their fridge (the ones meant for consumption at the store have been thawed yet chilled; the ones you want to bring home with you are frozen) and they grill it right there and then for you while you wait. You pick your degree of doneness (this is medium!), you pick a side dish (rice or mashed potatoes), and the type of sauce (I had the spicy one). I forgot how much this one weighed (The Wifey’s order is just half of what I had on my plate) but this is around US $16 plus US $2 cooking charge. So worth it!

Fish balls. Squid balls. Whatever balls.

Photo taken from two weeks ago. Walked a block from the office for this one. My co-workers were actually seeking a barbecue stand near the corner of Commonwealth and Tandang Sora but the hawker wasn’t at her usual place. Ended up with this fishball seller just within the vicinity. It was 6:15 PM when I snapped this and the rain was starting to fall (we all walked towards the area sans any rain gear), we all had to head back to our building with an added brisk to our walks.

Korean Grill!

Wrapping up my work at the office a few minutes before 10:00 PM, (I do the 1:00 PM-10:00 PM shift) The Wifey, who works the same shift in a different firm, messaged me asking if we could have a quick late dinner somewhere.

“You hungry?”, I checked with her, a bit surprised with the request.

“Would I ask to grab a bite if I wasn’t?”, she replied.

Who’s going to argue with that? So she suggested a Korean grill at nearby Teachers’ Village called Romantic Baboy. From our North Science Park offices, we arrived at the restaurant around 10:45 PM. We were surprised at the number of people waiting for their turn to be seated! (To think it’s a weeknight!) We were 11th on the wait list, but The Wifey was undaunted. Luckily, we stuck around. The line was relatively fast moving — thanks to perhaps a couple of groups who were there before us who got tired of waiting and unceremoniously left.

I would have availed of the Stone Steak offerings if it was around high noon. So I settled with the Unlimited Pork+Beef (₱499.00 or around US $27.00 per person). Well, it was good. I tried not to eat too much as (our) bedtime is nearing. If and when I come back, perhaps I’ll try the ones under the Stone Steak options.