Holiday Suites, Port Barton

We stayed at the Holiday Suites near Port Barton Bay. This boutique hotel exemplifies tropical paradise with its lovely position on the beach and gorgeous waters. Holiday Suites has well-appointed rooms and suites for relaxation and modern convenience. Each property is decorated with native elements to merge modern luxury with Palawan’s natural beauty. Private balconies give stunning bay views, and the lush-fringed pool is perfect for relaxing.

The helpful staff makes sure guests’ requirements are met during their stay. The restaurant serves local and foreign cuisine for a gourmet adventure.

Holiday Suites offers an amazing vacation in Port Barton’s pristine beauty, perfect for couples, families, or solo travelers. You can’t go wrong picking this place for you to stay in San Vicente, Palawan.

A few photos

The main dining area has a view of Port Barton Bay.
More sun loungers by the beach.
The hotel swimming pool is beside the hotel dining area.
Everybody in the pool! Well, except me and nephew C.
A cute little bar by the pool and the ocean.