Guess I’ll see you in Cebu

Brace yourselves, fellow roasted pig lovers, for this shocking bit of news: One of our favorite lechon places is shutting down all its branches in Metro Manila. Boo-hoo!

Famous lechon spot Zubuchon will permanently close its doors in Metro Manila this August.

The restaurant made the announcement on Tuesday, Aug. 8 via a Facebook post.

“It’s time to move on,” it said. “Zubuchon will be closing down its huge commissary and all restaurant branches in Manila this August.” 

“All our branches in Cebu remain open and we hope to continue expanding there,” they wrote. “A majority of our Manila team have been placed in other good positions even before we post this announcement,” they added. 

Zubuchon to cease operations in Metro Manila

For a number of years, this restaurant has been more than a spot to chow down—it’s been a hub for culinary enthusiasts, a hideout for food fanatics, and a comforting refuge for the lechon-loving crowd. Every trip there was like a taste-bud treasure hunt, taking us from the crunchy skin to the tantalizing meat, leaving us in a state of flavor-induced lechon euphoria.

To the team behind this piggy paradise, a thunderous thank you is in order. As this chapter comes to an end, remember this: while delicious things may conclude, they make way for fresh, tasty beginnings. Let’s raise our forks, or perhaps a pata (pig leg), to the memories that will forever be etched in our storytelling and smiles.

See you in Cebu!

(Note: This is not a paid advertisement. I just love their lechon.)