Tong Yang Gateway Mall 2

The Wifey and I were walking around the mall looking for a place to eat when we chanced upon a new branch of an old favorite that appears to be on the verge of opening its doors to customers. True enough, the place was about to open in 10 minutes after we got there and quickly enlisted as walk-in patrons.

Here are some photos:

Gateway Mall 2 teased us with “Tong Yang Plus”. Obviously not in their branding now.
Yup. No “Plus” in their branding, apparently.
Last-minute preparations prior to the “soft” opening.
A chef taking photos of the Tong Yang spread.
Staff starts calling for the walk-in customers who enlisted at reception earlier.
The cooker for the soup pot at the table.
“Look, ‘Ma! No grease!” Spanking new griller.
Pork, Beef, and Chicken options
Various fish, clams, squids, etc.
Bulgogi Barbecue, Korean Spicy Pork, Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Liver, and some surprises
I love this section! Snappers, Dory, and Tuna!
Dumplings, Rolls, and lots of miscellaneous balls!
Chili Fingers, Tomatoes, Eggplants, Mushrooms, Beancurd, Soya Bean Balls, etc.
Mushroom Ball, Taro Soup Ball, Fish Roll, Squid Roll, etc.
Mixed veggies like Beansprouts, Raddish, String Beans, Carrots, Potatoes, Okra, Squash, etc.
Dessert options were rather limited. I just picked up these.

Quick Takes

Food offerings-wise, it appears to be as good as the other established Tong Yang restaurants in the metro. I adore the positioning and look-and-feel of the main spread. There appear to be a lot more food items here compared to the older Tong Yang places. I may be wrong; perhaps I was just impressed by the newness and cleanliness of the place.

On the negative side, I hate how the staff keeps meddling with the cooking settings. They’d swoop in on our tables and turn off the cooker or griller when it was obvious that I was still cooking something. They did this not just once but at least three times without informing us. The staff obviously needs a lot more training in terms of courtesy in customer interaction. It wouldn’t hurt to ask us if we need help. Because we never hesitate to call upon them when we do.

Also, it was raining hard from late afternoon to early evening. There were leaks all over the place! It makes you wonder why Araneta City allows this kind of shoddy work in their establishments. Oh well.