The nurse with my flu shot


My flu shot card.

Had a bout with vertigo a couple of days ago, but I was glad I was well enough earlier today to come back to work after calling in sick last Monday. Today was the last day company employees were scheduled for the administration of the annual flu vaccines, and I wouldn’t want to pass up on this opportunity (the vaccine was a medical benefit paid for by the company anyway) considering I missed a few consecutive days at work last year due to flu-like symptoms and I don’t want to go through that again for the remainder of the year. We were told the vaccine — provided by Sanofi Pasteur, the favorite “global life sciences” firm of Noynoy Aquino and the rest of the Philippine Liberal Party — were meant to counter four (4) strains of influenza. I certainly hope I won’t contract a strain (or a mutation) outside of that specific group.

The so-called 'Yellows' of Philippines politics


I intend to resume writing online about public affairs on this site, hence the reason for its revival. I have put off political commentary for the longest time because, basically, I was just turned off. The level of online political discourse in the Philippines has degenerated greatly over the last 15 to 20 years, at least based on my observations. (You have yours, of course.) Any attempts at a rational discourse is often drowned by a bombardment of ad hominem from affected parties. But there are times people really need to speak out their minds.

I am not sure if this is a good move, as far as keeping my sanity intact. But for political commentary, this will be my space.

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iPhone crashes to the pavement

My iPhone came hurtling straight down to the pavement after my butter fingers fumbled on it while pulling it out of my jacket pocket, and every smartphone owners who have ever experienced inadvertently wrecking their screen felt that strange feeling of witnessing their device fall to the ground in slow motion but couldn’t do anything at all to stop the disaster from taking place. Already outside of its warranty period coverage, I checked on the local Apple reseller where I got my unit. I was aghast at their bad news — Philippine resellers of Apple DO NOT repair damaged iPhones — they want owners to shell out the price for a new phone in exchange for the unit with the destroyed screen. I think that’s a ridiculous policy for users this side of the world. Poor me couldn’t afford a new iPhone so the gray market came to the rescue and had my broken screen replaced and my iPhone appears to be good as new after a relatively quick repair.



Couldn’t help sharing that rather disturbing turn for my iPhone after stumbling across this post from TechRadar: “The cheapest 2018 iPhone rumored to have ultra-thin bezels and a Full Active Display”. I can’t help but wonder if the upcoming iPhones this September can survive falls like the one that mine took. I’m looking forward to that. Although I’m not really looking forward to that, if you get my drift.