Drunk lady

I’m not that fond of bars anymore. (I prefer coffee shops nowadays.) Because I’m getting older? I would rather prefer peace and solitude over rambunctious merry-making. But I ended up in one somewhere in Capitol Commons late Friday night. It’s for a team office night out cum Christmas get-together. All seven of us in my work group were at the venue around 30 minutes past midnight. Nothing much transpired. Two team members (myself included) assumed a teetotaler persona that night. I wanted to eat, but the place is not conducive to gorging on good food — it’s dark and noisy. Oh yeah, I forgot I was in a bar. Although I have to take note that the menu is teeming with palatable entrĂ©es.

Anyway, enough of that.

My group was sitting across a bigger table with at least a dozen young people (in their early 20s, I assume). A boisterous group, swigging hard liquor from their respective shot glasses. Every once in a while, they’d burst into a song, singing along to the choruses of the piped-in music. It was all fun. Nothing wrong with that. (I went through the same phase.)

Until someone excused herself from their table. We were at the mezzanine along with the fun dudes and dudettes. The young lady that left the long table in a huff ended up slumped on the narrow stairway, barfing all over the steps. The attentive bar staff got wind of her predicament. They jumped to her aid, bringing buckets, mops and what-have-yous. Meanwhile, the friends of the distressed lady appear oblivious to the developments.

I stopped minding the whole scene. Waiting for my ride home a couple of hours later, I chanced upon the same group outside of the pub. Two men were helping the intoxicated lady walk. Her well-heeled feet hardly touching the pavement. I thought to myself, “Come on, girl. That’s no way to have fun.” Know your limits and stick to it. There’s no shame in saying “I’ve had enough”. It’s not cool to pass out in drunkenness all because you want to impress your friends that you can handle more.

But then again, it’s none of my business. Oh, well.