Maybe I should be dead

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Day of the Dead

It’s one of those sad Friday nights, one where you’re in a place or situation you least expected yourself to be in days or even weeks before: surprisingly off from work, but stuck at home alone with some bodily aches and pains as your only companion. Not fun at all especially if your [spouse|significant other] is out and about town with office friends at the wee hours (such an unfortunate timing) and/or your [best friends|angst buddies] won’t even talk to you or linger for a conversation for reasons unknown. Sometimes I wish I would have just croaked in time for these global Day of the Dead observations and it would have been fitting and no one would have noticed. I’m now thinking of doing some writing to perhaps milk something creative out of my bored-to-death wits but I don’t think that’s going to fly right now. Considered ordering out and just eat myself out of my misery but then I realised I’m not craving for anything. Maybe I’ll take a nice warm bath and plug in some movies or TV series afterwards and see if I can perk myself up. Sometimes, I hate long weekends especially when you haven’t had one in a while and now you’re in the midst of it with nothing to do.


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