Ribeye Steak from Meat Depot

Medium ribeye steak from Meat Depot

It’s Saturday. And it’s also “cheat” Steak-turday! A photo of my scrumptious dinner: Ribeye steak from Meat Depot @ The Corner Market Food Hall. You pick your cuts of meat from their fridge (the ones meant for consumption at the store have been thawed yet chilled; the ones you want to bring home with you are frozen) and they grill it right there and then for you while you wait. You pick your degree of doneness (this is medium!), you pick a side dish (rice or mashed potatoes), and the type of sauce (I had the spicy one). I forgot how much this one weighed (The Wifey’s order is just half of what I had on my plate) but this is around US $16 plus US $2 cooking charge. So worth it!