The girls each get a rose!

Korean Grill!

Wrapping up my work at the office a few minutes before 10:00 PM, (I do the 1:00 PM-10:00 PM shift) The Wifey, who works the same shift in a different firm, messaged me asking if we could have a quick late dinner somewhere.

“You hungry?”, I checked with her, a bit surprised with the request.

“Would I ask to grab a bite if I wasn’t?”, she replied.

Who’s going to argue with that? So she suggested a Korean grill at nearby Teachers’ Village called Romantic Baboy. From our North Science Park offices, we arrived at the restaurant around 10:45 PM. We were surprised at the number of people waiting for their turn to be seated! (To think it’s a weeknight!) We were 11th on the wait list, but The Wifey was undaunted. Luckily, we stuck around. The line was relatively fast moving — thanks to perhaps a couple of groups who were there before us who got tired of waiting and unceremoniously left.

I would have availed of the Stone Steak offerings if it was around high noon. So I settled with the Unlimited Pork+Beef (₱499.00 or around US $27.00 per person). Well, it was good. I tried not to eat too much as (our) bedtime is nearing. If and when I come back, perhaps I’ll try the ones under the Stone Steak options.